District Three Senior Services provides the following programs and services:

The Virginia Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program issues special USDA checks that allow eligible seniors to purchase fresh, locally-grown produce. To print an application click on the following link. 2022 Farm Fresh Application

Home Delivered Meals are provided to elderly individuals who are unable to go to senior centers or other group meals sites and who are in need of nutrition services.
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The Health Information & Education Program offers health screenings, flu shots, and informational programs for senior groups throughout the area.

The Ombudsman Program assists residents of nursing facilities, adult care residences, and recipients of community based in-home services resolve complaints or questions. The services provided for or on behalf of those residents include identifying, investigating, and resolving complaints, advocating for resident's rights, mediating concerns between the resident, their families and the facility staff, and providing information about available services, benefits, and community resources. More information >

Limited Legal Aid Services are provided to persons 60 years of age and older who may need help with a simple will, power of attorney, assistance with public benefit appeals, etc. No fee is charged, however, contributions are welcome. Note: Persons meeting the criteria for assistance through Legal Aid Services of Southwest Virginia (227 West Cherry Street, Marion, VA 24354, 800.277.6754, www.svlas.org) will be referred there. Persons with sufficient resources are encouraged to utilize a private attorney of their choice.

Friendship Cafés are available for those interested in joining an active senior group. We also work cooperatively with numerous other senior groups to provide fellowship, informational programs, crafts, recreation, nutritious meals, shopping outings, and other social activities. We can also put you in touch with independent senior groups in your area that meet regularly for fellowship. Learn more >

The Virginia Insurance Counseling & Assistance Program (VICAP) provides assistance to eligible Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries to help understand Medicare, Medicaid, medical bills, etc. Learn more >

The Senior Medicare/Medicaid Program (SMP) is a consumer education and information program. Volunteers are recruited and trained to provide presentations and outreach regarding Medicare and Medicaid fraud, waste, and error.

District Three Senior Services provides Diabetes & Chronic Disease Self-Management Education workshops that are held throughout our service area. Workshops are evidence based programs developed by Stanford University. These workshops are 2½ hours, one day per week for six weeks. They are facilitated by two trained leaders and provide the tools to help people manage health conditions on a day-to-day basis. Topics include proper nutrition, how to deal with difficult emotions, proper medication use, practical exercise, and more. For more information, call 276.783.8157 or email Debbie Spencer at dspencer@district-three.org or Sissy Frye at sfrye@district-three.org.

Care Management Services provides a comprehensive assessment of the senior citizen’s needs and works with the individual and/or their caregiver to identify and obtain services, equipment, and information through our agency, community resources, or other sources that will allow the senior to remain independently in their home. Persons who receive care management services must be 60 years of age or older and are monitored through home visits and telephone contacts to determine if their needs are being met. Agency services include Homemaker Services, Respite Care, Legal Aid, Chore & Residential Repair Services, Home Delivered Meals, Medical Trips for Seniors, Emergency Services, Assistance in Applying for SNAP Benefits, VICAP, and SMP. Authorization form >

The Public Guardianship Program is grant funded through the Virginia General Assembly and the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Services to provide decision making services. Those eligible for the program are incapacitated adults (age 18 and older), indigent, and have no one else willing or able to make medical, financial, and other decisions necessary to provide quality of life and care for these very vulnerable adults. More information >   Referral form >

The Veterans Fiduciary & Money Management Programs provide assistance to individuals in managing their financial resources. The Veterans Fiduciary Program requires a referral from the Veterans Administration which allows District Three Senior Services to assist the veteran in managing their monthly benefit to ensure expenses are paid and finances are managed to optimize the veteran’s benefit. The Money Management Program serves as Social Security Representative Payee for individuals referred by various agencies and also assists individuals in managing their monthly benefit to ensure expenses are paid. Referral form >

Chore & Residential Repair Services are available to enable eligible clients to continue to live safely in their home environments. Learn more >

Homemaker Services are available on a sliding fee scale for those who need assistance in maintaining their homes. Learn more >

The Care Transitions Intervention Program provides trained coaches who assist seniors as they are discharged from participating hospitals. This program helps seniors understand their chronic illness and medications and reduce their risk of readmission to the hospital thus improving quality of life. The program also encourages seniors to inform their primary care physician about their stay and ongoing concerns about their healthcare.

Caregiver Support Groups are available in some communities and Caregiver Counseling is available throughout the area. Click CAREGIVER SUPPORT GROUP MEETINGS for each location's monthly schedule.

Respite (Personal Care) Services can provide relief for caregivers when caregiving becomes a full time job.

District Three Senior Services also offers a variety of opportunities for senior citizens who want to remain active in their communities. The Volunteers in Motion Program includes over 600 members providing valuable community services. Job training and community service employment opportunities are also available for people age 55 and older with limited incomes as are many other volunteer opportunities.

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