Home Delivered Meals


To promote health and independence by providing frail and homebound elders with meals which are appetizing, nutritious, and easy to prepare and eat. Home Delivered Meals, also called "Meals on Wheels", must meet one-third of the Recommended Dietary Allowance for homebound older persons.


To be eligible, a person must:

- Be at least age 60.
- Receive a qualifying score on a needs-based assessment.
- Be "essentially homebound".

Priority is given to applicants in the greatest need. The spouse and/or disabled dependent child of a recipient may also receive meals regardless of age if it is in the best interest of the participant.


Home Delivered Meals are provided to elderly individuals who are unable to go to senior centers or other group meal sites and who are in need of nutrition services. Individuals usually receive up to five meals per week. These meals may either be frozen, canned, or hot depending on dietary limitations and other considerations.

For more information, call 276.783.8157.