Statement Addressing Coronavirus Concerns

March 19, 2020 Admin

District Three Governmental Cooperative and Mountain Lynx Public Transit are closely monitoring the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak. We are in close contact with Mount Rogers Health District to keep apprised of the most current information available. Public health and safety are always among our top priorities and we are working hard to limit the potential impact on our services where possible. In an effort to minimize the potential spread of any type of illness, District Three and Mountain Lynx have enacted the following policies and procedures:
• Effective March 18, 2020 all Senior Nutrition Congregate Sites (Friendship Cafes) will be closed at least until April 6 or until new information develops. Site managers will be conducting wellness checks via telephone while the sites remain closed.
• All employees have been encouraged to take precautionary measures, as set out by the CDC, including frequent hand washing and sanitizing frequently used surfaces.
• Homemakers, Care Managers, Home Delivered Meals Drivers, Senior Medical Transportation Drivers, and Chore and Residential Repair personnel are limiting home visits when possible. If a home visit is required, employees are calling clients before arriving. If the client is feeling ill, we will not be entering the home to limit potential exposure.
• All classes and workshops, such as Matter of Balance, are postponed until further notice.
• The District Three Marion and Galax offices are working hard to sanitize frequently used surfaces multiple times a day. We are also limiting in-person visits when possible but we are always available to assist when appropriate.
• Flyers listing Coronavirus Prevention Tips from the CDC have been posted at all District Three sites and in all Transit vehicles to promote public awareness.
• We will maintain Transit services for as long as possible to those who rely on it for access to medical care, food purchases, and transportation to employment. In an effort to minimize risk, vehicles will be sanitized throughout the day in addition to at the end of service. Hand sanitizer, as always, is available on the buses while supplies are available.
We hope that by enacting these procedures and by following the guidelines set by the CDC and FTA, we can do our part to limit the potential spread of COVID-19 in our area. We hope that our community will do their part as well. Wash and sanitize your hands often. Disinfect frequently used surfaces often. Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue and then throw it away. When possible, keep a social distance of 6 feet away from others. Limit gatherings of more than 10 people. Wear a mask only if you have symptoms of illness and limit your exposure to other people.
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