Past Featured Employees

Pam Agnew, Guardianship Care Manager, Galax office.

Golda Barker, Elder Rights Specialist, Marion office.

Mike Billings, Transit Operations Specialist, Marion office.

Sally Bise, Homemaker, Galax, Carroll and Grayson County areas.

Janie Blankenship, Outreach Clerical Aide Trainee, Mountain Community Action Program, Wytheville.

Ervin Boles, Transit Driver, Wytheville office.

Robert Clark, Transit Operations Specialist, Marion office.

Libby Dancy, Care Manager, Marion office.

Libby Davis, Nutrition Program Director, Marion office.

James Dempsey, Transit Driver, Marion office.

Connie DeWilde, Site Manager, Bland County Friendship Café.

Karen Doss, Guardianship Care Manager, Marion office.

Tim Fuller, Transit Driver, Abingdon office.

Molly Gale, Safety Compliance Administrator, Marion office.

Harlow Gates, Transit Driver, Wytheville office.

Renny Gambrill, Site Manager, Whitetop Friendship Café.

JoAnn Gilliam, Site Manager, Carroll County Friendship Café.

James Hall, Home Maintenance Assistant, Marion office.

Judy Harmon, Service Access Specialist, Galax office.

Greg Joines, Transit Operations Specialist, Marion office.

Jim Kelly, Transit Driver, Marion office.

Debra Largen, Long Term Care Ombudsman, Galax office.

Joe Lindsey, Home Delivered Meals, Galax, Wythe, Bland, and Smyth County.

Lynne Lowe, Abuse in Later Life Specialist, Abingdon area.

Kenneth McGee, Site Manager, Ivanhoe and Wytheville Friendship Cafés.

Viola K. Money, Homemaker, Galax, Carroll and Grayson County areas.

Glenn Osbourne, Chronic Pain Self-Management Program Service Professional, Marion office.

Randall "Rabbit" Paisley, Transit Driver, Wytheville office.

Josh Powers, Transit Driver, Marion office.

Barbara Jo Ray, Money Management Trainee, Marion office.

Ginger Reynolds, Homemaker, Bristol and Washington County areas.

Judy Rhea, Personnel Manager, Marion office.

Debbie Spencer, Community Services Division Director, Marion office.

Chris Stone, Elder Rights Director, Marion office.

Chelsi Stoneman, Guardianship Program Director, Galax office.

June Teel, Homemaker, Smyth and Grayson County areas.

Stella "Christine" Wright, Assistant Dispatcher, Abingdon office.