Customer Satisfaction Survey

Mountain Lynx Transit is interested in your opinion! The information collected via this survey will help us improve. Thank you for taking the time to complete our customer satisfaction survey.

Please answer the following eight (8) questions about our performance:

Overall, are the drivers courteous, respectful, and helpful?

Overall, do the drivers make you feel safe on the bus?

Overall, are the drivers on-time to my stop?

Regular fare for riding the bus is 50 cents. What do you think about the price?

Is it easy to find bus route and schedule information?

Where do you receive bus service information? (check all that apply)

If improvements were made, what would be most useful to you? (pick up to three)

What is your overall satisfaction with Mountain Lynx Transit?

Please answer the following ten (10) questions about you:

What is the purpose of your trip today? (check all that apply)

How frequently do you ride the bus?

If you were not riding the bus, how would you make this trip?

What are your most important reasons for riding the bus? (pick up to two)

What is your age?

Which of the following described your current employment status? (check all that apply)

How would you classify yourself? (check all that apply)

Is English the primary language spoken in your household?

What is your annual household income?

In which area do you regularly ride? (check all that apply)