ElderSpirit Community in Abingdon Receives Travel Training

November 16, 2016 Admin

The ElderSpirit Community recently contacted District Three Public Transit interested in learning more about mobility and public transit options available in Abingdon. On Thursday, July 28th, District Three responded with an overview of the available options and today, Wednesday, November 16th with hands-on "travel training". Employees of District Three Public Transit drove, rode with, and assisted 16 members of the ElderSpirit Community with a loop around the Abingdon area plus a quick trip up to Feeding America. The purpose of travel training is to aclimate new riders to public bus travel and answer any questions they may have (e.g. How often does the bus come past ElderSpirit? - Hourly, How much does it cost to ride? - 50 cents, How long does it take to make the loop around Abingdon? - One hour, If I'm in a wheelchair can I still ride? - Yes!) Overall feedback was very positive with many ElderSpirit members remarking at how friendly the driver (Johnny Mowery) was and how inexpensive and easy it was to take the bus to many places such as shopping and dining destinations and even the public library. Some even remarked that it would be nice to occasionally just ride around Abingdon with a friend simply to get out of the house for awhile. Very nice!